Dubai Food Startup
Program 2022

This course will be held in-person at our venue in Downtown Dubai. Program will be commencing during February 2022. Online option may be provided if the participant isn’t able to attend an in-person session, but overall the mode of learning will be in-person.

Setting Up Your
food business

  • Register your food business in Dubai
  • Register your food products in Dubai
  • Selecting Insurance
  • Start accepting payments
  • Registering with Food Delivery Apps (or self-fulfilment)
  • Financial Planning
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launching your FOOD brand

  • Creating your brand and identity
  • Packaging & Design
  • Launching a digital presence
  • Launching your online ordering system


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GROWING your FOOD business

  • Developing & Launching your Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Organic
  • Social Media Paid
  • PR & Working with Influencers
  • Events & Activations
  • Collaborations
  • Working with your Local Community
  • Keeping on track with your marketing & sales

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